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DIGITAL ONLY -- Girlfriends' Guide to Hashimoto's Online Course

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  • 7 Video Lessons covering Beliefs, Food, Supplements, Exercise, Rest, Relationships and Spiritual Practices (see details below) 
  • Printable Coaching Clarity Sheets
  • Daily Practice Exercises
  • Thursday Tips

People who've taken the course are talking...

"Hi Stacey,

I wanted to say thank you from my heart and soul. You are a beautiful person and I thank you for sharing the course with the world... because of you, Stacey I'm not surviving anymore - I am living! I am not afraid anymore, I eat a lot and still lose weight, I sleep, I laugh, and I do a lot of projects!

When I started the course I just wanted my energy back. This morning for the first time that voice that used to tell me 'I am a burden' actually told me 'I am safe, it's gonna be okay and I am kind of beautiful.'

This course brought me more than I could hope for! So again thank you from the heart and soul!" Sheena P. Montreal

K.D. wrote:

"Stacey... Oh my goodness. I have spent this evening (working) on some of the modules of the online course. This material that you are sharing really is amazing. I am excited to finish it and have the materials to review. It was definitely a great investment. Thanks so much for this and all that you do!"

In The Girlfriends’ Guide to Hashimoto’s Online Course, I’ll coach you in 7 key areas...

Module 1: Beliefs - Stories, The Saboteur and Shifting to Your Power - How to Recognize and shift limiting beliefs to inspiring beliefs so that your thoughts and actions can support you and not sabotage you.

Module 2: Food The Best Plan and Pathway for You - How to make food FOOD again so that it serves you instead of rewards or punishes you. The best foods for supporting health with Hashimoto’s and bringing you closer to your ideal weight and energy you’ve been wanting to have.

Module 3: Supplements - What You Need with Hashimoto’s and Why - What Hashimoto’s symptoms mean and what supplements they are calling for. You’ll get the skinny on what to take and WHEN to take it so that it feels understandable and do-able to win at your health.

Module 4: Exercise - Listening and Loving Your Body with Movement - What the science says about exercising while you’re in different stages or flaring with Hashimoto’s and the options you have for exercise. We will also tackle the disconnect between our brain and our body so that we can heal TO ourselves while we’re healing with Hashimoto’s.

Module 5: Rest The Magic and Mysteries of Sleep with Hashimoto’s - Why sleep, rest, and peace matter and what we can do to create more peaceful day and more consistent night’s sleep to give our body the best chance to have energy and health.

Module 6: Relationships - Discovering How to Be You and Find Great Partnerships - How to access your authentic self and to be that with your key relationships: spouse, partner, children, doctor, friends, and community.  This is all about finding your center, communicating your wants and needs, and finding healthy partnerships to share life, health, and happiness with as you live your dreams and move toward your health goals.

Module 7: Spiritual Practices - Honoring Your Soul while Lowering Your Stress - Why spiritual practices make a positive impact on your health and healing and which ones speak to you in this season to implement and benefit from. 

Begin the journey of feeling like YOU again!

Digital Course cost: $497

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